Calling All Parents!


If your looking for a great way to get your children or students excited about eating healthy foods you must check out the app Cooking Fun For Kids: Healthy Playful Recipes, Food Games, and Videos for Families by Bean Sprouts. This fantastic resource is a great way for children to learn about nutrition through a variety of different formats.

I would recommend this app to any parent because it makes learning about nutrition fun for your child! The videos and games included are interactive and informative for children. I also think the recipe tutorials are very appealing to children and will get them excited about making healthy meals at home.

This app is able to captivate children’s attention levels by involving them in the recipes. Teaching children how to cook their own meals and create their own snacks will get them excited about eating healthy. Children are creatures of habit. If you can make healthy cooking with your kids a weekly event they will be more likely to eat nutritious foods as they grow into young adults.

This app can also be a great resource for school snack ideas. Most of the recipes are simple and can be packed as a school snack or lunch!


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